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A proper Tequila tasting technique summons all of your senses to evaluate the quality of the Tequila. There are three main categories involved in a tasting: the visual aspects, the olefactory aspects, and the gustative aspects.

The visual aspects, worth 30 points, involve identifying the purity of the liquid. Evaluate the amber tone, which can vary from crystal clear and transparent to a more translucent amber, depending on the length of aging in wooden barrels. Ask yourself how intense the color is, and how it compares to other Tequilas.

The olefactory aspects, also worth 30 points, involve evaluating the aromas you detect. How well do the scents wood, flowers, fruits, spices, and citrus blend together? In judging this aspect, ask yourself how well the aromas blend together to create a pleasing bouquet.

The gustative aspects, worth 40 points, are weighted more heavily because the taste that Tequila leaves on the palate is such an essential part of the experience of enjoying Tequila. You will want to pay close attention to the intensity, generosity and delicacy of the Tequila by taking small short or long sips. Let the liquid linger in the mouth. Notice if it has a rough or smooth texture, and if it is sour, bitter, or has wood, vanilla or anise tones.