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The answer to the age old question, “Who are we?” isn’t as difficult to answer as one may think, unless looking for something more cosmic. We are a group of about 20 people who have spent most of our careers in the world of wine, beer and spirits – it’s a tough job but somebody has to do it. Our combined experience is more than 300 years – that’s a lot of expertise! We are friends with no more than one degree of separation. Because we’re small and, because only five of us work at this full-time, we wear many hats and rely heavily on our advisors and consultants.

Here’s our team:

Chris – Our Fearless Founder. Chris has spent many, many years (primarily in the world of beer) selling, marketing and managing. He is our visionary and heads up the sales “department.” He likes to have his hand in everything and frequently that’s a good thing.

Jane – Our “Nobody Else Wants to Handle This Junk” Person. Jane has spent many, many years as an executive in various businesses including imported beer. She handles all of the business parts of the business – legal, financial, logistics. She also carries the title of Grammar Queen, so she edits everything that is written. Her 7th Grade English teacher, Miss Riddle, would be so proud.

Jim – Our Marketing Guru. Jim has spent decades marketing high-end wine, beer and spirits. He knows everything there is to know and everyone worth knowing. He keeps us focused and on track, especially with the creative people, the DVD and the Website.

Grace – Our Dedicated Cultural Officer. Grace has taken culture to a new level. She not only maintains our relationships with all of our Mexican associates, she has redefined culture to include the culture of spirits. She’s the expert in tasting and knowing the specifics of the brands. She’s the go-to person for everything Hispanic and is a great sounding board for lots of other subjects.

Hugo – Our Man on the Ground in Mexico. Hugo handles all of our day-to-day items that need tending in Mexico. He is an invaluable source as he runs around like Carl Lewis handling the needs of our Mexican associates. He also reminds us to think with our heads instead of our livers.

We couldn’t survive without the knowledge, time, and expertise of the others who are our most able advisors and consultants, including Peter, Pepe, Rick, Tim, Gary, Kevin, John, Stephanie, Bruce, Kim, Brenna, Bob, Paul, Stan, Greg and Herb.

Click here to see what a noble and sophisticated group we are. You can see us searching the world for the finest spirits. You can see some of the hats we wear. And, you can see us working hard tasting the products to ensure we bring you only the finest. As we said, it’s hard work but someone has to do it.