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04.30.10 / Tequila Rack Article by LA Bartender Examiner Kristine Bottone

Tequila Rack April 30, 12:21 PM · Kristine Bottone - LA Bartender Examiner If you're just beginning your drinking career then all you know about tequila is that it comes with salt and lime. But your naiveté isn't really your fault. It's all the tequila front runners like Cuervo, Don Julio and Patron want you to know. They're relying on the fact that people don't know how to drink tequila other than shots and in margaritas. The truth is there are a lot of great tasting tequilas out there for those who are willing to venture beyond the mainstream brands. If you're already a tequila connoisseur you know about the Tequila Gringo and the Tequila Whisperer. You must have also heard that tequila has health benefits. But if you're just starting out and don't know where to begin, better to start at the beginning: TequilaRack. The TequilaRack is a wealth of tequila information from the history of tequila to the growing, harvesting and distillation to the buying and tasting of it. They even have their own Tequila Blog. A panel comprised of 20 wine and liquor reps, with their combined experience in the industry totaling more than 300 years, has developed a website dedicated to educating the novice on the elixir to the Gods. TequilaRack walks you through the fundamentals such as aging and types of barrels used in the distillation process so you can better understand the complexities of the tequila flavor. While the extremely knowledgeable Whisperer and Gringo also narrate the aroma and flavors of an arsenal of tequila bottles, the TequilaRack goes one further. They have pieced together a three bottle tasting kit with two Riedel tasting glasses, a measuring jigger and an informational DVD as to why they selected those particular brands. But most of the information comes from their site and as an added bonus for those of us living in SoCal, a store locator to find the tequilas listed and bars that have them on the shelf. TequilaRack ‘intends to foster an interested, loyal Tequila community that understands and appreciates Tequila for what it is, a complex spirit that deserves to be considered in the same genre as Single Malt Scotch, Small Batch Bourbon and Craft beers.'

Tequila Rack Article by LA Bartender Examiner Kristine Bottone